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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How'd 2015 go for you all last year?

Mine was pretty shitty. I was hauled off by police in July and left to rot in a psychiatric ward and retirement home on my own social security money (to pay the rent for my retirement home apartment) for 6 months nonstop, or half a year.

Nobody said genius was easy...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exhausted As All Hell

Quite Frankly, I used up so much spiritual, emotional, and creative energy creating YouTube, starting revolutions in the media and society, battling competition and the Forces of Evil, and changing the name of the comics and animation game, getting attacked by neighbors and haters, and being loyal to my allies as they came and went. And frankly, I don't know if I'm going to get all, or even much of that energy back.

Truth be told, most of my most famous achievements (and yes, some of them were incredibly famous and influential and heavily written about in the media and news) I never got credit or recognition, mostly to the  fact that I contributed them anonymously and online. Nor was I ever paid or admired for said things.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Multimedia 4's. Quadrant studies.

When I started training in multimedia arts, I set a goal for myself that I would work to become the first or one of the first artists to become proficient in the 4 multimedia: Book, Comic Book, Film, and TV, supervising both the story, script, manuscript, and art aspects. I wanted my Mastery Training to be Quadrants if at all possible. But the main problem with pursuing this field is the fact that if you pursue Four Quadrants, you won't be mastering one individual field, and there's less supervision. I wanted to Master the Four Quadrants, primarily because no one else did first, or bothered to. Become proficient in Quadrants.

BCF's: Best Careers Forever

The scary part of entering the comic book industry, and animation industry is that, it's not just awards and perceptions, it's a long running event. It's for life. Creators might seem transient, but they're real people with real lives we normally don't see, too You have this brand Identity for Life. Chances are. You're associated with that small handful of colleagues for life. There isn't any turning back once you're in it, and sometimes you have very little freedom over the whole thing. I'm probably going to be the YouTube and manga-End Times guy for my whole life, till the day I die. That's a long time!

But on the bright side, that eliminates the element of a deadline. You have your whole life and the rest of eternity to hone your craft. A long damn time, 2-4 decades at least. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

I've made some mistakes in my day. With no small element of those mistakes being the way I presented my work. One early mistake I made in online publishing was to hide a lot of my best drawings in favor of showing mediocre drawings I just did, in what comes across as some odd, and sloppy misunderstood attempt to show my audience my process in motion, and just assume my audience was in on the communication's joke.

They weren't. They had no clue those were some of my weakest art pieces from my sketchbooks, and not "The best effort I could do". And due to this misunderstanding, some of my audience judged me pretty harshly for it. 

Lesson learned.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

J's Social Media Roundup

I think I'll link to some of my social media accounts

For Art and Comics: 

For Writing and Books:

  • Goodreads (Where you can read my army of bad reviews people gave me)
  • Scribd

Monday, June 27, 2016

Production of new art will resume, assume I ever manage to stop procrastinating at it...

Seriously, should a popular creative auteur and author's relation with the fandom be THIS VOLATILE??

My gut tells me no. I spent 15 years standing on my feet, training, preparing for possible success. Now that that success and popularity really does exist, I'm finding it a little hard to get back on my feet again and continue standing in place. I'm just very exhausted from living a difficult life, not all of it related to work. It's exhausting dealing with certain psychotic family, peers, and online fans.

The truth is, not all creators or creative projects are forced to deal with such adversity. Some people in entertainment have an incredibly easy time getting projects greenlit, licensed, adapted, completed, finished, and generally turn into something with relatively little effort or pain, typically that's where the status of the creator comes in. I remember early on in my career I was heavily influenced by Blade Runner, how it failed on its debut but later became a classic film. I said to myself, "Maybe the same thing is happening to me in some weird metaphorical way. I remember liking Blade Runner a lot because it took so much patience and waiting for anyone who worked on it to experience that success, and how it was dismissed and first and was initially considered a disappointment

It's not just what you're making, or who you are, or what your level is and how well you do what you do. You also have to assess the amount of difficulty and struggle attaining any of your achievements is. Struggle during your formative years, or midi-formative years is sometimes a small hidden sign your success will require patience, in a world gone IMPATIENT And hasty.

One of my horoscopes once told me I'll have an enormous audience in my later years, but my method of attaining that audience won't be a conventional or normal one, and also that the nature of my career and work won't allow me the means, ability, or ease to retire, and I'll be actively working, even to the end of my life.