Monday, January 15, 2018

New Challenges in Writing

I'm ready to step outside of my comfort zone writing wise, not artwise.
Write stories about:
  • Little Girl
  • Woman
  • Father,
  • Mother
  • Minorities
  • Homosexuals (gays and lesbians)
  • Conservatives
  • The Disabled
  • People With Identity and Psychiatric Personality Disorders

Challenge. Accepted. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Passing of a Great Woman, a Great Mother. My Adoptive Mother. Peggy

My adoptive mother, Peggy Alberts, born no longer with us. She died in the hospital from severe cancer today. I was at the hospital today with Dad and Andrew at her bedside, for at least 2-4 hours, by the time I got there, she could only breath into a respirator. The Guereros end up showing up at the hospital room, we all just sat there in her small hospital room, watching her breath her last breaths. She was not going to recover. Me, Andrew, and Cary already knew she chose not to be put on life support, even though she could have, but she didn't want that, so we didn't. She passed before our eyes. We all cried. Andrew cried a bit, I cried a bit. Dad couldn't stop crying.

Peggy Alberts

1949 – 2018, Age 68.

She was the greatest, best mom I ever had.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Ephebophile

In my 20s, I had a severe case of ephebophilia. I could watch lesbian teen porn streams for hours on end, tirelessly, limitlessly. It really got me off. I didn't learn that's what most men search porn for ("lesbians" and "Teens" are the number 1 rated search phrases of porn for millennials, so relax, you're a more normal 20 something than you think. Don't believe the hype. Every 24 year old secretly wish he could have a threesome menage et trois' with a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl. Most 20-year-old men have ephebophilic tendencies in their browser history. It's okay. It's surprising how normal it is to be attracted to teen girls in your 20s. They never USED to look that good and get men that horny. I was never a pedophile, though. I didn't Like em THAT young. Pornhub and Lolatube takes care of me real nice. As long as it doesn't get into your real-world social life, or as long as you don't pursue those urges you're okay. Pursuing ephebophilia is legally hazardous, for the obvious reason everyone hates 16-year-old girls. They're walking trouble and seducers. It's quite different in the real world. Some teen girls will come on to you, but what do you say?
"No, thank you! I don't swing that way!" I'm not a statutory rapist. I just have ephebophilia. There is a difference. I don't recommend any guy go there. It's important to discover 20 something girls in your 30s. They look arousing enough. And their panties look GREAT! Oh wow do they look great!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

J.M. Editorial - My Brief Article on Sexual Misconduct in the Media Arts, Film, TV, Animation, Anime, Manga, Comics, Books, and Music

I also brought up some important discussion on the Adult Swim Uneven Message Boards (UEMB), in regards to sexuality in the workplace. The wave of professional men being accused of sexual molestation, harassment, and assault in the animation, L.A., and European workplace, and Hollywood and probably Asia, too. I said something regarding how I felt. It is important to make girls and women our partners, collaborators, and friends, and if they consent, our mates, and not use or objectify them at every opportunity, surrendoring to our own predatory urges,which ALL men have. But not all men harrass and molest women in their own workplace. I learned that it's important to respect girls and women in the educational and professsional workpalce. I never did anthing like that in art school. And even if I did become sexually active with the fairer sex in art school, it wouldn't have been aggressively. There would be consent, as there always is with me. 

If we're not making sure we have a safe friendly compassionate work environment for WOMEN, and not just men, we're not fostering the right workplace. The workplace needs to be safe for everyone, including women. News Scandal is just the symptom. Not the cure.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Every episode is a power struggle

Top 10 greatest Hong Kong martial arts choreographers of film

Movies I Saw in the Theater, and DIDN'T get gunned down down by a bully hating Gunman!!!

The world isn't THAT big...we're really just ants crawling about with our tiny little lives God could STEP ON at ANY TIME!

I went to the cinema in the 90s. Saw LOTS of movies. Loved it. Here's the official list of films I saw in the theatre, both with family and friends and alone (My parents let me watch movies along when I was 14.

Film Titles (who I saw them with, if anyone).

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (family)
  • Jurassic Park (family)
  • Aladdin (family)
  • The Lion King (family)
  • Independence Day (family)
  • The Matrix (friends)
  • Twister (family)
  • The X-Files: Fight the Future (solo)
  • The Blair Witch Project (friend)
  • Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (solo)
  • Anaconda (brother)
  • The Mummy Returns (brother)
  • Spawn (friend)
  • Beauty and the Beast (family)
  • The Care Bares Movie (Mom)
  • Who Famed Roger Rabbit (Family and Friends)
  • Tarzan (Phil Mentor)
  • Godzilla (90s version) (Family)
  • Volcano (Family)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Mom)
  • Young Einstein (Mom)
  • The Witches (Mom)
  • Casper (parents)
  • Jumanji (Don't remember)
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (family)
  • Kill Bill (most recent) (Rebecca my trainer. Girlfriend? I dunno)
  • Face/Off (Dad)
  • Batman Forever (Dad)
Some visits to theaters and the Cinema were more pleasant than others. The people around you have the power to really ruin the experience for you. When I saw Spawn with my buddy Johnny, the jack ass teenager behind me kept kicking my chair and making kissing sounds becuaase their dumb homophobic spick ass thought we were gay.

The Dark Knight Rises??? Eh??? Seriously theatre goers. You ruin things for everyone when you kick people's chairs. Seriously./ What. The. Fuck. It used to be EASY to see movies and have fun! Are you really being that rude and annoying to your fellow moviegoers that you make them GUN YOU AND E VERYONE ELSE SEEING THE MOVIE DOWN. Thanks for making it political!