Saturday, April 9, 2016

Frank Miller Looks Like a Corpse Lately: Art and Mental Health

I'm still relatively young, well younger than alot of other pros in comics, but I'm well past my childhood or adolescence. I'm a young adult. Whether I like it or not I'm starting to realize I need to acknowledge that I'm getting older. Frank Miller is a good example. There's cancer rumors. Have you SEEN pictures of him lately. The guy looks like a LIVING CORPSE. I don't know how old he is exactly, I never even thought about things like that...till I saw what his face looks like recently. There are cancer rumors. It's sad.

I don't know if I'm past my prime, but I'm no spring chicken, plus I've been through a lot of medical trauma and issues in my private life. There's a lot of factors and setbacks in my life and health I don't bring up here. Like the fact that I have gynecomastia and mid level obesity from all that damn medication pills doctors and parents want to force on me.

That was when I realized, it's not just that I "don't have my shit together", I "don't have creativity", "I'm a hack" or "don't have what it takes.". It's all the damn trauma and neurobiological-trauma I've endured at the hands of cruel and abusive people. Medical frauds and whatnot. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Where to draw your artistic influence from....(should be different for every artist)

My influences didn't start off just anime and manga like it is with a whole bunch kids these days. My influences started off much more diverse and well rounded. You should always try to keep your influences well rounded. Never use anime or manga exclusively as a crutch. I've been thinking of getting back to my American indie comics, superhero, cinematic, animation, and fine art influences. 

Dear Japan,

Dear Japan,

Could you slow down a bit in your comics department? You're tiring us dumb yanks out.


Da States...

Me? A "Famous Blogger"? Get outta town!

I don't know. I have a couple hundred dollars in savings, not much, and certainly not from blog earnings. I don't know why I said that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Good News: J.M. Returns to the Internet

After a Half-Year-Long Hiatus, J.M. Matthews returns to active status on the medium that made him powerful and famous (but not wealthy of course)...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Patience and the Importance of Waiting in the Millennial Generation of Success

Late bloomer and young prodigy are relative terms. America values Youth, as do Europe and Asian culture, more so now than they used to. However in the age of the Millennial app entrepreneur, online streaming broadcast engineer, and Self-publishing indie DIY comics manga authors, there can still be modern day Claud Monets and Dr. Seusses. i.e. myself.
I know society has become impatient, and likes to watch and survey it's success stories and projects, but it isn't that simple. Patience is still rewarded. Am I an overachieving millennial and one of the first of my kind: In some ways, yes, but that does not mean I also don't have to wait for many things. I do.