Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Good News: J.M. Returns to the Internet

After a Half-Year-Long Hiatus, J.M. Matthews returns to active status on the medium that made him powerful and famous (but not wealthy of course)...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Patience and the Importance of Waiting in the Millennial Generation of Success

Late bloomer and young prodigy are relative terms. America values Youth, as do Europe and Asian culture, more so now than they used to. However in the age of the Millennial app entrepreneur, online streaming broadcast engineer, and Self-publishing indie DIY comics manga authors, there can still be modern day Claud Monets and Dr. Seusses. i.e. myself.
I know society has become impatient, and likes to watch and survey it's success stories and projects, but it isn't that simple. Patience is still rewarded. Am I an overachieving millennial and one of the first of my kind: In some ways, yes, but that does not mean I also don't have to wait for many things. I do. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 - The Year J.M. Buckled Down

OKAY, peeps. 2016 is officially here. I'd been waiting for this year as I have all sorts of comics drawing plans for this year. 2016 is the year I WON'T be lounging, and will indeed be working hard and applying myself for the first time in my career. The Learning Period is over, and the Adjustment and Trauma Period is over. Now it's time to put my foot to the grindstone, buckle down, and produce new comics material that isn't just being recycled 1,000 times. My time spent publishing has taught me it's important not to recycle the distribution of your own work too much unless there is a lot of demand for that kind of thing...

So 2016 = Me Buckling Down and Working / Drawing New Manga Material

Up till this point, it wasn't so much lack of draftsmanship holding me back as it has been procrastination / avoidance toward Buckling Down and just working at it on the page with a pencil. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Signs you're getting too insanely profoundly mind bogglingly world dominatingly powerful. Robert Greene Eat your heart out

Signs you're getting too insanely profoundly mind bogglingly world dominatingly powerful
Robert Greene Eat your heart out

·        Everyone is fighting you
·        Everyone is discussing your genitalia
·        The biggest players in the industry are your friends
·        Your parents have a rod shoved up their ass
·        What's all the commotion, about ME?
·        Everybody wants to fight you
·        Cheaters cheaters everywhere, cheap trickery
·        High and mighty moralists
·        The world becomes fraudulent and fake
·        You now ARE the sexiest, strongest, wisest, most famous smart guy in the room, even if people can't place you, you can still sense from them they feel you OOZ the IT Factor
·        You're IT. You've heard of it, haven't you?
·        You feel distasteful discussing your natural talents, when in a previous life that never would have been a problem. Natural modesty.
·        Worldwide, baby
·        You will make powerful RIVALS, too
·        Everyone's got a part to play, but you'd be surprised how unaware people are of this
·        You can't do it all, or even most of it
·        Don't keep doing that which never works. Rework your daily schedule, strategy, allies, tactics, work schedule, amount of work put in, etc.
·        Be on the WINNING TEAM, at all costs
·        Use SUBLIMINAL HINTS at times. Don't let Adult Swim's abuse of it turn you off
·        Sexual abuse isn't cool
·        NEVER play the  victim to attain power. Be strong and don't be victim, regardless of how much the world mistreats you, but know when to reach out for help.
·        You can sense with intuition when you're gonna win BEFORE YOU EVER win half the time...Take advantage of those intuitive insights everyone ignores.
·        Sore winners...SUCK. And create an era of darkness. Which is why sore losers need to be taken out of power by the world's teams and systems before they oppress the masses, you know, as opposed to liberating them.
·        Master the art of Timing
·        America loves lists!
·        Internet is easy as FUCK to people from previous generations, man.
·        Not everyone has appealing syntax or brilliant compositions skills. DEAL WITH IT.
·        Be Smart 24/7. Or else
·        Always work to top the previous decade or generation. Up the ante, awe, or wow factor. Be original, and amazing. No marketing drivel.
·        Don't take the  bad guys head on. Fight selectively.
·        Keep it brief most of the time, unless we're talking about private work on project. In that case, work all day: Forever.
·        Bestseller Primetime, Bitches
·        Catchy slogans and one liners
·        You're NOT human. Not in the eyes of the public.
·        Everyone's in on your secret. And everyone else's. Yet not really
·        You can have anything you want yet you can't
·        You're dad and bosses hiding a lot from you, starting with profit margins and royalties
·        You spare people who don't deserve it from losing all their power and getting crucified, even when at one point they tried to crucify YOU.
·        FUCK YOU, that's WHO
·        Even the short buss kids get in on the bullying.
·        I don't have to take this shit from YOU!
·        You believe your own hype
·        Genius. Just Jenius.
·        You can manipulate people into perceiving you as a superhuman. However you want
·        You write an instant bestseller in two weeks, once you FINALLY put your mind to it
·        Everyone seeks you out
·        You get a  billion video views and text messages
·        You overlook what used to be obvious
·        You everyone's rock and they rely on you without realizing it
·        You wish you had a better way of telling people the cold hard truth
·        You tried you're best to help your allies when it was time for action or crisis. The rest is up to them
·        Everyone is terrified of upsetting you to your face, but never from a distance.
·        Some people WILL be out to get you
·        Robert Greene's Art of Power is required reading. Distasteful, but honest.
·        You're disoriented, malnourished, paid very little (less  than three figures)
·        Every time you try to speak out to enlighten the world on how little power and money you REALLY HAVE, they spread more LIES and propaganda to promote their self-promoting Self-aggrandizing clown comedy agenda
·        People want to lynch anyone who speaks out and that goes against how it really is
·        The machine makes you repress your power if you're family's not doing it
·        Name dropping is both death and wealth
·        "I know so and so"
·        Everyone says your name in a  belittling way, well the people based on you anyway
·        No matter how harmless you want to show people your lifestyle is in many ways, they think it's a 24/7 deathtrap warzone
·        You can never move to catch up with the scene fast enough. Not to  say we don't already know that much
·        Everyone else starts feeling stupid to you, as you have pertinent access to a lot of inside information
·        You're really insecure behind closed doors
·        The hype machine plays "24/7 opposite day"
·        You get sick of the hype
·        You eventually stop mimicking your heroes like the younguns and become wise and comfortable in your own skin, like ALL ADULTS!
·        Even YOU can take shortcuts if your not getting sales or high view counts and readership viewership numbers
·        I'll re-emphasize: The Market is bullshit. It's neither ever as good nor as BAD as the "Hype". Insiders will ALWAYS know this.
·        You're a shit target. Lots of sleazy people target and gravitate to you
·        Beware of how you treat those around you, for they will probably treat you the same
·        Treat everyone well. Don't be a teen dick.
·        Don't be offended dumbasses trust your public stature so much. This is technically what you asked for, is it not
·        Hacking creates an illusion of stealth and speed, and  blinds you to your true abilities when you have a million people tracking your PC activity with those viruses you downloaded from Adobe because you know nothing about computers, hence making you vulnerable to viruses
·        Your bad will can  be a death sentence if you have TOO much power, and yes this CAN get you arrested
·        Nowadays it isn't just DIFFICULT to isolate completely. It's impossible. Afterall, if you're going to have sex, you can't do it without the other person seeing YOU NAKED, too. Like, eeeyewwww. Grosssss.
·        They're LOOKING for weaknesses, including yours. And they're a groupie! Be wary.
·        Yes, you are an original and not a plagiarizer. People saying you ripped your ideas off is most likely an envy tactic
·        You only have to be invisible some of the time. Not all of it
·        You can't be cool all the time, only some of it, unless your at the very top, of which I'm clearly not.
·        There's a difference between self denial and humility: Learn it
·        Be tasteful, but not over enabling (Don't be nice just to  be nice)
·        Check the links
·        Some people are clearly dumb as fuck and obnoxious, but it CAN BE distasteful to say so, you pointing this out can make you look just as bad.
·        Criticism is the mother of insecurity.
·        Teamwork
·        The fact that this article is about power might give it a LOT of clicks
·        No one wants you to win if you're controversial. Just kidding, EVERYONE wants that
·        You're supposed to be HELPING, not hurting people's chances
·        Know when to step in
·        Not every conflict requires insults and hate speech
·        Get along with people
·        Always work on improving
·        Imposters and controversies will ALWAYS find away to cheat their way to get ahead. Don't waste your time anticipating. Worry about squashigng that shit ASAP it emerge
·        Just because nothing shows up on the surface doesn't mean nothing shows up behind or beneath. Don't believe the hype. EVER.
·        To Catch a Spy.

·        A good power player has a good defense system or team. There are ways to do this without budgets and macs. Thanks Social media!