Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Following Creatives have responded to my Student Film Job Offer on LinkedIn

Contacted Directly:

  • Michael Barita (Full Sail University)
  • Alex Harris (Telltale Games, Savannah College of Art and Design)
  • Danny Moore (Mascot Books, EVOK Advertising, Auburn University)
  • Mary Lin (Third Millennium Ministries, University of Central Florida)
  • Dalissa Javier (TJMAXX, Love Culture)
  • Leonard Similien (GALAXY SHRED STUDIOS LLC

Contacted me about my Job opening:

  • Craig Bowman (Fullsail University, Ringling School of Art and Design)
  • Pedro Flores (Fullsail University, MassExodus)
  • Les Brown (Fullsail University, MG Studios)
  • Luis Suarez (Full Sail University
  • Keith Harmon (Electronic Arts)
  • Daniel Talavera (University of Central Florida)
  • J. Mac McNaughton (NBCUniversal Media, Prysm)
  • Alfredo Salkeld (Arnold Worldwide)
  • Michael Wedsworth (Walt Disney World)
  • Larry Lauria (ISLAND ANIMATION)
  • Jon Craine (NBCUniversal Media)
  • Robert Morrison (Universal Studios)
  • Rita Taubeh (Full Sail University, Digital Arts & Design)
  • Matt Tardiff (3DMotive)
  • Pam Darley (IDEA, Inc.)
  • Anthony Michaels (Ringling School of Art and Design)
  • Heidi Bromund (Full Sail)
  • Phillip Shaw (Universal Beijing; Walt Disney Imagineering)
  • Enriko Smith (Full Sail University)
  • Alexander McDaniel (The Lo-Fi Apocalypse)
  • Matthew J Killian (The DAVE School, Ringling School of Art and Design, Valencia)
  • Meghan Stockham (ITEC Entertainment, GameSim, Ringling School)
  • Kareem Patterson (Walt Disney Imagineering)
To all of you, I say, thanks!

Currently Recruiting for a Student Animated Short Film, for the JM Media Animation Studio

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