Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shutting Down Twitter? Really, that only takes a FRACTION of MY Power...

I can also build things. Not just destroy them...

Seriously though. Going off air for a while. I suggest you all find a hobby.

And the answer is Yes, sometimes I AM tempted to KILL EXISTENCE.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Big in Japan? And Why Influence Only Seems to Point West-Ward

Everyone in comics and animation talks about Japanese artists who are hot in America. But seriously, when does anyone ever talk about American animators or cartoonists who are big in Japan?? Step ya game up, America! Currently, the chain of influence only seems to go one way. From East to West, or East Meets West, and never from West to East. It used to be like that. If DeviantART and all the fanart of my character on there is any indicator, with rare exceptions anywhere else, I seem to be one of the few and only North American Cartoonists or Animators who has gained Any leverage or traction, or any type of foothold in Japan, as is evidenced by my presence on DeviantART, and Amazon.co.jp. An American cartoonist drawing for Japanese audiences has a steeper cultural hill to climb than a Japanese animator or cartoonist drawing for American audiences. But, at least I'm off to a good start by getting along famously not just with American cartoonists, but artists such as Thomas Romain, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Yoshitoshi ABe. I've achieved about as much leverage and influence as one foreigner can achieve in Japan, without actually physically being there, and even then, presence within Japan is highly expected and anticipated by the Japanese toward famous American media figures, as a form of diplomatic courtesy. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I ever get that famous.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Controversial Theories About Genetics in Religion or in International Art...

There are theories that explain why believe in God and Anime both exist. Not that the two topics are related, but the explanation for what causes talent in them does have an explanation, albeit, a controversial one...

And that explanation is: Cultural and National Genetics.

Top Asian and European Artists, Designers, Conceptual Artists, Comics Artists, Animators, and Illustrators....

AND religious conviction....

Has always been, and will always be, either ethnically or culturally GENETIC. It's in your genes.

You're ability to worship God, draw comics and manga, or draw anime and animation well, is in your genes.

We inherit most of our talents and abilities from our parents.

Some of the ability to believe, or draw, is learnt. But mostly, it just runs in the family.

Genius at religion and art is inherited.

That's also the reason many Asians only want Asians to draw anime and manga. It's a culturally biased race thing, but mostly because Asians are more likely to have a pre-ordained ability to intuit out How To Draw Anime and Manga to BEGIN with.

Genetics is a HUGE factor in creativity and religion

So where does that leave me, you say??

Well let's think about it. While I was born in America to a white mother and multiracial British father, there is a lot of Eurasian and other such blood in my ancestry. But I had ancestors who were Mongolian (Chinese), French, British, Russian, and German and many other places in this world (many not associated with creativity, such as North Africa and Australia).

If one wanted to chart the cultural inclination of MY creativity's genetic lineage (not taught, inherited, PURELY inherited.)

The Chinese are known for film, martial arts choreography, and spiritual/secular philosophy. But they are also known to attempt anime and manga, though not as famously as Japan does. Chinese anime is folk anime, and Chinese manga is folk manga. It's so called "outsider manga", often incorporating the same literary and cinematic techniques the Chinese apply to their older cultural traditions. So I've got that element in my comics and cartooning. The Asian Folk art element.

Then there is the French, Russian, and German ("Jewish Ashkenazi" according to 23andme.com) Genes I carry. Countries that excelled at literature, architecture, storytelling, science, technology, film, and art, some like France (with comics/manga and animation co-pros) more than others.

Combine those 2 cultures (East and West), and you get where my creative intuition originates from. To be honest, yes I DO believe a lot of my creativity comes from my cultural genes. I don't think it's a magic trick. It's inherited from my ancestors, even if I know nothing about any of them as family from being adopted. Which I don't know, so that answers that question.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Copyright Article: If a Possible Creative Employer that Never Actually Hired You with Paperwork Takes From You Without Giving, Should You Be allowed to, Too? On Resumes???

That's the liability of borrowing with disregard to legal creator and artist and writer likeness and  trademark. Studios and bosses treat borrowing like it only works ONE WAY, in their favor, not YOURS.

In other words, if you give FREE IDEAS (that you don't copyright or trademark) or your likeness in the internet domain (i.e. what people misinterpret as the public domain) without your initial knowledge, consent, or permission. In otherwords, if they treat you as an unofficial employee, give you the royal treatment by misappropriating your likeness and characteristics of it, should you allow yourself to list those same companies as clients in your resume, seeing as they're using YOUR LIKENESS and CREATIVE WORK and IDEAS?

It's a good question to ask about creator owned ideas. How much credit is a creator, animator, and cartoonist ENTITLED to exactly when everyone "borrows" their likeness and ideas they own? They are certainly entitled to a share of the PROFITS of the things they inspire. Yet many creative individuals who fall prey to this (cough cough, Betty Boop, Marvel's Blade), are treated like they're not entitled to take credit for their own likeness and work.

Something should be done. Studios and Publishers need to make things more fair than they do...Economically. Becuase SOMEONES making 10s of millions of $$$ from these projects.

And NO, putting the name "Joe Fagguts Schmo" in your credits listing isn't fair use of my name when it's "Joseph Matthews" or Joseph Alberts. Feels more like a cheap shot than any actual contribution to my career. Feels like I'm being CHEATED.

Hell, man....If I didn't know any better...

I'd be starting to think that with the things I've created, I might just have a hit on my hands......

From YouTube and streaming online, to END TIMES comics and scripts.

Shoot man, even this blog I write in my spare time has over 23,000 views in 6 international continents.