Friday, May 29, 2015

My workrate

On average, for my art, I go through around the rough equivalent of a 100 page sketchbook or two a month. So on average I draw 100 to 200 pages of artwork a month.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

On Literary and Comic Book Prestige.

There are really only two type of writers and artists in the professional field. Amateurs and Established Pros. Newcomers and Industry veterans. The Will-Haves and the Have-Hads. The former group never gets any fans, press, fame, money, royalties, recognition or appreciation, from critics, fans, the media, press, or even their families, and especially not publishers. They are Have-Hads in the making. Have-Hads are really only being recognized and praised by fans and media because they did some random book or  comic book series a long time ago, hardly ever in the here and now other than a rare few who are the true workaholics. Will-Haves Will Do The Work. Have Hads Have Done The Work.  That's the key difference. It has nothing to do with talent, hard work, laziness, morality, or charisma. It has to do with "Did they finish a manuscript or not?". The press is shallow like that. Unless you're a Have-Had who HAS written and drawn and finished a manuscript nobody wants anything to do with you. It gets to the point of being a little more than ridiculous, how shallow this measuring stick gets. There are talented people on both sides. And Having tons of Talent is not the same as finishing your work projects.

It is essentially the Literary Press and Financial Equivalent of The Haves and Have-Nots, the theory upon which this theory is inspired...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hooray. Happy Mailbag from JAPAN Day!

Hmm. I wonder what it is....

Opens it.....!



Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Wall to My Studio-Room...

Is covered in Image Board Storyboards currently, that's me planning out my next few comics-manga pages...

Hashtag #Busy,Busy,BUSY!

The Under-Structure and Grammar of Visual and Literary Narration and Storytelling.

To write a animation script, comic book script, short stories, and novels...You need to write outlines that organize the action and events, as a way of mapping everything out on paper, not just your mind.

To draw comics, and animation pre-production you need to produce a sequence of thumbnail and storyboard, or thumbnail-storyboard panels and camera shots, draw in boxes no bigger than a postage stamp or sticky note [to start off with].

This is how comics and scripts and novels and fiction get made...

I've recently adapted both these working models and they've literally transformed my productivity and process. Suddenly drawing comics and writing fiction is fun  again when I try these methodology techniques. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

Daily Artist Drawing Affirmation (For Tough Guys)


No Matter What Happens. No Matter How Bad Life Gets or How Much Pain and Discomfort Life Tosses At Me Daily, 24/7, I Will Pick Up That Sketchpad and Piece of Paper and Draw Comics On It. It Doesn't Matter Whether I'm Redrawing Shitty Comics Pages or Individual Panels, or The Best Abstract Designs and Illustrations I've Ever Done, The Bottom Line Is I Keep Moving. I Keep Drawing Comics, No Matter What, Under All Conditions And Circumstances, Regardless of the Amount of Criticism, Hate, Mockery, Judgment, or Interference From The Outside World, The Drawings Will Continue to Appear, Because I Am There To Make It Happen No Matter What, In all Conditions, Good and Bad.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nah. Don't ask me about inventions or patents. I'm just a hobbyist. Ask Mark Trenner, my patent attorney.....

Speaking of famed talents. I'm also an inventor, as the smart ones in the audience know (smirks). But if I'm being really honest about my inventing abilities and power, they primarily involved digital  video engineering, not clunky tech with obscure functionality, which is kind of what people often think of when they think "inventor". Like a 1930s or 1800s inventor like Nikolai Tesla or Thomas Edison, and not software inventors like Bill Gates and Anthony Wood. I'm the Bill Gates of Online Video. I'm the latter tech inventor. I'm probably less knowledgeable about textbook science (other than computer science and video-software engineering) than people think I am. And no, I didn't invent a time machine. Not yet anyway. It's cool that people have enough faith in me to think I could though.