Saturday, September 20, 2014

Business and Media Astrology

During my early adulthood, I got really into astrology, when I realized what a cool sign I had: Scorpio.

At one point I discovered Bill Gates (Microsoft), Osamu Tezuka (Anime and Manga), and Ted Turner (Broadcasting), were all Scorpios. And they all did the same things in business that I wanted to do with my life. Whatever energy helped them drive their empires, I could only assume helped give me the energy to get to where I am currently, too. 

Scorpios have a lot of Force. A lot of Energy and old fashioned masculine Fortitude. That is their specialty. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here are some of the Most Innovative and Interesting Books I've Read and Purchased in a While

·        How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, Orson Scott Card
·        A Reason to Read: Linking Literacy and the Arts
·        Entrepreneur Magazine Presents: Star Your Own Business: The Only Startup Book You'll Ever Need
·        Producing Animation by Catherine Winder & Zahra Dowlatabadi
·        How to Write For Animation by Jeffrey Scott
·        The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture by Roger J Davies / Osamu Ikeno
·        Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword by Wing Shing Ma
·        Fight Choreography: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue by John Kreng
·        Infinite Kung-Fu by Kagan McLeod
·        Dragon Ball: The Complete Illustrations
·        A Drifting Life by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
·        Drawing Words & Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel & Matt Madden

I like these books because they all tackle subjects that have relatively little dogma surrounding them, but that might change, and hopefully, with lists like this one, it will change...

Monday, September 15, 2014

FearTown USA....Tune in Next Week. When we COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOU. Do not be alarmed. Storm Advisory.

Fear of the Dark? No. Haven't been afraid of the dark in decades. I embrace it. Black is my favorite color. Someone afraid of a darkened room wouldn't feel that way.

But you know what's REALLY scary and terrifying?

Television. Feeling like it's watching you, feeling like IT KNOWS YOU'RE THERE. Feeling it can SENSE YOU. And Ultimately, feeling like the faceless corporations and  actors behind it are conspiring and OUT TO GET YOU. I think tons of Americans share this fear.

That's right, I'm afraid of my own TV. I don't like to keep it on for long, it keeps giving off this possessed, evil, sociopathic, gang stalking, power hungry, unearthly,, conspiratorial vibe, like it's this lurking creature attempting to suck out your soul and all the light in your body through your eyesockets.

TV Scare the SHIT OUT OF ME. Not literally, but then again, I don't know WHAT my TV'S telling all of do I.

Who knew the soul of your TV could give off such a malicious, predatory vibe from the personalities on screen anyway? Worse than a bad drug trip, not that I do drugs. 


Documentaries, War Channels, Criminal Profiles, Horror Movie Promos, The Evening and Morning News, Cop Shows, Confrontational Shows, NBC, Viacom, MSNBC, Talk Shows, Laugh Track Sitcoms. New School Nickelodeon. Disney. It's all incredibly RACIST, BIGOTED, STEREOTYPED, IGNORANT, INTENTIONALLY SNOTTILY ANNOYING....


The only thing NOT scary is children's shows (mostly), Retro 90s and 80s Cartoons, Retro TV, Success Stories, some of the quieter Adult Swim Shows, and Anime. Everything else is loud and scary as hell and just waiting for the next moment to point fingers and shout at you, ugh, ugh. Vacant special rapist guest creepy ass intention stammer. 

Good Gawd Man! Software-Heavy Music and Anime Editing

I don't even PRETEND I can keep up with the technological advances of the software and computers used to edit and produce anime and music in a lot of studios. I find it all very impressive. Even Hip-hop is very engineer and studio heavy, what with samples and editing and remixing and dubbing and shading and lighting and painting.

I'm of the older generation (not age, but in process) where you pick up a piece of paper, jot some words or sketch marks on it with a pen and that's it. The Disney and Osamu Tezuka Way, which, in the right situation applies,  but when you get into the hypertechnical world of in studio editing, it gets hypertechnological. Watch any RZA Afro Samurai Documentary, or Post-2006 Production I.G. Documentary, and you'll see EXACTLY what I mean. I get lost on that stuff. I'm good with a keyboard, but terrible with Photoshop. I still USE Photoshop, but it's easy to get intimidated by that level of software and hardware usage they use in studios nowadays with computers.

A lot of it they won't teach you in animation school. It's you're LUCKY if you land a job, and if you do, you bet your ass you'll be learning through trial by fire...meaning first hand experience of working with the staff. But I've never seen so many buttons and GUI's as I have in those documentaries and Japan-based articles online that give a realist perspective of the Japanese studio process.

I'm on the fringes AND in the stone ages, as far as software goes. Just Word and Microsoft Digital Image Pro, a scanner, and photoshop. Everything I do is traditionally hand drawn with pen and ink, and I pride myself on that...

JayMan Has MANY Interests and Influences

Although I do get linked to anime and nerd culture....a lot, those are not my only passions.....

To clarify this tidbit, here is a list of some of my interests outside of anime

There is no timeline, as the time I became interested with them are interchangeable, not always consistent, not always sequential, and sometimes random

  • Manga
  • Music 
  • Alternative Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Slacker Culture (Jay and Silent Bob. Not a movie-comic. It's a WAY OF LIFE)
  • Jock Culture (athletics. I played many sports as a youth, and was on football/baseball teams for a while.
  • Straight Edge Culture
  • Religion (Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Shinto, The Bible)
  • God
  • New Age (Horoscopes, Zodiac Signs, Paganism)
  • Mysticism (Zen and Transcendental Meditation)
  • Art School Culture (Cal Arts, SVA, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale)
  • Education (Teaching, Going to School, School Chums)
  • Performance (I kept a joke book I wrote jokes in, Played drums and acoustic guitar
  • Fine Art Culture
  • Punk Rock
  • Personality studies (Myers  Briggs, Zodiac, Carl Jung, Archetypes, Numerology, Introversion)
  • TV Culture (I was a real couch potato in the nineties as a kid
  • High Tech Culture (let's just say it's gotten really dumbed down over time)
  • 90sa nd 80s culture
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Hip-hop culture
  • Ethnical culure 
  • International culture
  • Gamer culture
  • Big business and success culture (I read Forbes magazine, daily, often, Used to subscribe)
  • Book Culture (I used to browse bookstores like Borders a lot)
  • Hollywood Culture (Directors, Producers, Screenwriters, Animation)
  • Post-Stern Radio culture 
  • Travel culture
  • High Society (I have some upper class friends)
  • Male, Man, and Masculine Culture - Pride in being a Man.
  • Fashion Culture in Anime
Pretty much all I can think of.

Let's Face It. Here's the deal about the relationship between Japan and America

Here's where most people get it WRONG.

NO, you DON'T need to be "Anti-American" just to qualify as an otaku or Japanophile.

No, you DON'T need to be a Japanophobe just to be a Patriot or American Artist.

These are not requirements of each culture.

But the way some people in this industry come across, you'd think rivalry would be requirement, as if you can't like both....Nonsense, I say.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Self-Publishing vs. Regular Publishing (Lists, Pros and Cons)

Manga-Comic Book Self-Publishing


Normal Comic-Manga Book Publishing


·        Dave Sim
·        Todd McFarlane
·        Art Manifested
·        Scud
·        Ninja Turtles
·        Mono
·        Yoshitoshi ABe
·        Yoshiyuki Imaishi
·        Raynart Tradnor
·        XY Zell

·        Hiroaki Samura
·        Musashi Kishimoto
·        Jhonen Vasquez
·        Evan Dorkin
·        Paul Pope
·        Brian Michael Bendis
·        Frank Miller
·        Todd McFarlane
·        Manga
·        Eiichiro Oda
·        Katsuhiro Otomo
·        Marvel/Dark Horse
·        Megatokyo

Pros and Cons


·        Press Releases
·        Distribution Online
·        Online Publishing
·        Webcomics
·        Higher percentage
·        Necessary knowledge of Publishing Techniques (page size, print type, Covers, Package)
·        Everything revolves around you and your books, art, and story
·        No Editor
·        No PR Tourings and Signings

·        More Work
·        Discipline
·        No Women to Meet
·        Little to no money
·        Low Shoestring Budget
·        Confusing
·        No to low pay
·        No Editor
·        Being ignored by traditional publishing and Press

Traditional Publishing

·        Fame
·        Distribution
·        Wealth
·        Market Dominance
·        Part of a Team
·        Schedule is predictable
·        Greater Rewards
·        Real Power

·        Competition
·        Being forced at gunpoint to attend conventions (Nowadays genuinely Awful places)
·        Millions of people competing for your spot
·        Impossible to break into

·        Getting rejected hundreds of times