Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nice to meet you....

Some Day Somebody Else beside me
will not call me Joseph Matthew Alberts.....or Jay Matthew Alberts

They will call me by my stage name they will call me JM Matthews.

Good morning how are you, I'm Doctor Worm, I'm interested in things.

I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm I am an actual worm. I live like a worm, and

I like to play the drums.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Animation Frame - Style Illustration - Image Board (Done With Digital Compositing)

This drawing or "Image Board" was inspired by the Animation Production Style Thomas Romain Utilized on Oban Star-Racers. A constant inspiration to me this side of Invader Zim.

I was aiming for a sleeker, cleaner line quality in my vision for the most part.

I wanted it to look like a pen and ink cell from an animated or anime motion picture, since that's the sort of projects I've been working on as of late...

Comics Drawing Comprehension

A lot of instructors don't say this, if you want to draw and write comics, you have to read comics. As many comics by other people as possible.

Just like if you want to write a novel you have to read other authors' novels. It's the same principle.

If you want to draw comics you need to read comics and study how their made. Study how other artists make them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

LinkedIn email from Silicon Valley

Hi Joseph M., 

Are you in the job market?

My name is [name withheld] and I am a technical recruiter based in Silicon Valley. I place engineers at full-time jobs with technology companies in the Bay Area. I work with established companies like Symantec and Salesforce, and also recruit for several well funded and successful start-up clients. Typical salaries are from $115k to $200k, and most packages include bonus and stock awards which take total comp to $130k-$280k. Relocation is also provided if needed.

I have been working as a recruiter in the Bay Area since 1997, and this is about as hot a market as I have ever seen!

My current openings include:

1) Full Stack Java Software Engineer - Senior and Principal level 
2) UI Engineering 
3) Automation QA Engineer 
4) Build/Release Opening
5) iOS and Android Mobile Development
6) Build/Release Engineer 
7) Program Manager
8) Product Manager
9) Linux System Administrator
10) Architect - Java - $220k base, $300k+ total comp
11) Hadoop Big Data Principal Engineer 

If you are looking around, please send a resume to me at [anonymous]. If you have any questions, I can always be reached at [anonymous]. If we are not already connected on LinkedIn, please send me an invite. I can be found at:

Production: Status Report...

Submitted Script, character designs, and design bible into co-producer over at studio.

Awaiting more input.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Producing My Very First Short Animated Film....

So I'm finally going to get to flex my muscles as an animation producer.

The truth is, you don't wait for the offer, you create the work yourself...

On the Downside: I'm producing animation on a shoestring budget, so the funding is limited which inhibits certain things.

On the Plus Side: I'm getting work in animation, technically...

I don't have enough money for a Pilot.

But I have a script I wrote and a lot of pre-production work completed of my own accord.

I'm in talks with a small budget  freelance studio for the actual production.

I'm happy about this. You have to start somewhere...A lot of people never do. And it's often because you think you need to wait for an invitation to begin production.

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  • Animation Magazine's "40 Auteurs We Love (1987 - 2006)
  • Mangaka America (Table of Contents) 2006