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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm not a Marketer. I'm a Writer and Author First and a Marketer Fourth...

Lately, I've seen some people online accuse me of being a "beega marketer", even a scammer and con artist, some shady predatory salesman out to corrupt people with my Eeeeevile books.

Well some of you are free to think that, but its a WRONG assumption.

It's wrong as in I don't define my profession as an online marketer. It's just  something  I do on the side to sell more of my products. End of story. Making your presence known and selling books because of it isn't a scam. It's just how business works. You shouldn't take me so seriously as a marketer or salesman. I only advertise because these days, good content alone won't sell your book. You have to "push" it, or advertise and market your book if you want people to purchase copies of it, which they obviously did

Anyway, marketing isn't even that big of a priority for me. Writing and drawing are, and they have been since early childhood. Creativity comes before selling and Business PR. Bottom Line. NOT the other way around.

The only reason I value marketing so much is because I don't want to starve or go out of business and be on the street some day. Doctor Coin sees it as being a lot more nefarious than that, but the honest answer is, all I'm really attempting to do is earn a living from the things I work the hardest on. I think one thing he misinterprets is the nature of my success, just because I use advertising and make money at it doesn't mean that's at the top of the list of what I'm trying to be. I was also an internet engineer for a long time, but that never paid. It helped a lot of people, and was one of my most successful areas, just not financially in the way advertising was.

Doctor Coin did get one theory right about me. I am nowhere near as well off as most of my observers just seem to think I am. My theory is the average person wants to think most celebrities are loaded and own big houses. Dr. Coin is right, I've got nowhere near as much money as people just seem to think I do. Not all celebrities are rich. Well, I'm speaking for myself here. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

JM News: End Times is being renamed

After 10 years from publishing online, J.M. Matthews's long running online comic book and manga series, "End Times" is being renamed.

The new name according to Matthews will be "The End Times"

Friday, February 10, 2017

Amazon Kindle is more Scam Than Retailer for authors (The Truth Amazon Doesn't want you to know)

When I overspent on Amazon Ads, a combination of good and bad things happened to me:

Good: I earned $200 in 2 months, or $100 a month.
Good: I made it to the top of numerous bestseller lists with my kindle ebooks

Bad: Amazon attempted to cut me off and stop me from making a profit, banning my Kindle Account.

Obviously, if I hadn't made any easy money, Amazon wouldn't have came after me.

Monday, February 6, 2017

2001 - 2017: "Missed Deadlines" A Workload: Can YOU Match Mine?

2001 – 2017

My Workload Over the Years. This is How Hard I Work Sometimes
Can YOU Match It???

Hey, Hey, [compulsive liar] Stew Crew! 
I'll bet YOU $50,000 I work harder than YOU GUYS DO!

Here is my workload over the last 17 years Since 2001, working primarily online for free

  • 9 blogs on Blogger written over 10 years 2007 - 2017
  • 4 Webcomics sites I published over 10 years from 2007 - 2017
  • 37 Books, comics, and paperback manuscripts and compilations published through LULU.com. Some official available. Others not.
  • 11 Amazon Kindle books listed on Goodreads Author pages
  • YouTube, early 2015 copyrighted content contributor, paving the way for copyrighted content on youtube, 3 accounts continually updated and banned simultaneously between 2005 - 2017
  • Screenwriter, 1 22-pg Final Draft script registered with Writers Guild East
  • 3 Apps published on Google Play
  • Author, Wrote 8 Journal books, 3 million words, and 7,000 pages
  • Kept 1 comic-manga, and web comic-manga series in continual rotation from 2004 to 2017 and beyond. Over 100 comics pages drawn.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Journals: A Theoretical, Analytical Interpretation

Upon reading the theoretical and spiritual academic science of Ken

 Wilber, I became fascinated by his way of thinking and approach

 to theorizing. What Wilber once dubbed “Flatland Holism”, and

 later I read the autobiography of the inventor and creator of the

 World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I differentiated in that my

 emphasis was less on religion and computer science, and more on

 media, new media, and multimedia in general, along with all of the

 genres and mediums it encompasses. And then more recently, 

contemplating my series of self-published 400 pg. Volumes of

 Journal books, It dawned on me. What about a holistic approach to

 modern media, which was cemented by All Encompassing 

GoogleWikipedia,and YouTube search engines and the internet. 

Or as I decided to refer to it: Omnipresent Holistic Media. A 

Universe ofMedia existing in one enormous catalog index on 

computers everywhere. From Netflix to Wikipedia. The way my 

Journal BookVolume Series is written is a printed reflection of this,

and how mymind catalogs these things. It's no bestseller so far, but

my Journals have achieved their share of innovations and trans 

and holistic media genre and media analyses. From structural 

analysis, to various titles of everything from bande desinee to Hong

 Kong Cinema and anime, as well as an all inclusive catalog of my 

own contribution, which is a lot. Other than End Times, this is one

of the most in depth paragraphical analyses I've ever documented

 of my own literary works. Normally I don't review my own books.