Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Myers Briggs Personality Analysis of Famous People I know or have heard of....

In case you didn't know, I'm a big fan of the Myers-Briggs Personality Temperament Sorter System.

Here's a list of more obscure (but still nonetheless famous) personalities and their majority temperaments

Myers Briggs
Celebrity Types
NT - NF - SP - SJ
Rational - Idealist - Artisan - Guardian

Joseph M. Alberts - Rational / Idealist / Artisan
Nicole Cook (GF) - Artisan
Amanda M (other GF) - Rational / Idealist
Most of the the kids in my gifted middle school class (Rational / Artisan / Idealist)
Glendis Sorrell (father) - Idealist
Mary Gaynor (mother) - Rational
Thomas Romain - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Steve Blum - Artisan - Guardian - Idealist
Savin Yeatman Eiffell - Rational / Idealist / Artisan
Jhonen Vasquez - Artisan / Rational, NT / SP
Osamu Tezuka - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
George Lucas - Artisan / Rational / Idealist / Guardian (little bit of all four, in his work)
Ted Turner - Artisan / Rational / Guardian NT / SP
Bill Gates - Rational
Larry Page - Rational
Mark Zuckerberg - Rational
Barack Obama - Artisan / Guardian / Idealist
Steve Jobs - Rational / Artisan
Seth MacFarlane - Artisan / Guardian / Rational
Yoshiyuki Tomino - Rational / Artisan / Idealist
Dave Sim - Artisan / Rational / Idealist / Guardian
Todd McFarlane - Artisan / Rational / Guardian
Katsuhiro Otomo - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Leonardo Da Vinci - Artisan / Rational
Shakespeare - Artisan / Rational
Scott McCloud - Rational / Artisan
HP Lovecraft - Artisan / Rational
Edgar Allen Poe - Artisan
Aaron McGruder - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Dave Willis - Artisan / Rational
Kurt Cobain - Artisan
Les Claypool - Artisan / Rational
Maynard James Keenan - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Alex Grey - Rational / Artisan / Idealist
Ken Wilber - Rational / Idealist
Marilyn Manson - Artisan / Rational
Trent Reznor - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Thom Yorke - Artisan / Idealist / Rational
Rivers Cuomo - Artisan / Rational
Tim Burton - Idealist / Artisan / Rational
John Woo - Idealist / Artisan / Rational
Quentin Tarantino - Artisan / Guardian / Rational
Cartoon Network / Adult Swim - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Anime - Artisan / Rational / Idealist
Music - Artisan
Science - Rational
Religion, Mysticism, Spirituality, World - Idealist
Literature - Rational / Artisan (Hybrid of both)
America - Guardian / Rational
Radio - Artisan / Guardian
TV - Artisan / Guardian

Disclaimer: These are mere hypothetical psychological estimates, based on data I've gathered from studying these things, people, and names, based on behavioral and characteristic analysis. For the topics, like religion, science, or anime, etc, I based my assessment on the temperaments of the majority temperament for each category. Hardly anyone is ONLY ONE of those four temperaments, but many people do have dominant traits, as are revealed through speech, recurring elements, identifiable behavior traits. Read at your own discretion. 

To cite one example of what I'm referring to, not a lot of people associate the Guardian temperament with artistry and creativity. Many people associate it with conservative politics, incredibly tough temperaments (such as people with a Taurus Zodiac Sign, and/or artists or writers whose values are more grounded in the old fashioned way of doing things. I know some might disagree,  but the descriptions for the Guardian Myers Briggs Temperament and the Taurus Zodiac sign share many values. I should know, there are a lot of them in my own adoptive family). Etc., etc. Art and True creativity tend to come from both Artisans AND Idealists much of the time, such as entertainers like Thom Yorke and Tim Burton (NF / SP). Etc., etc.

Fun With Myers Briggs.....

As it turns out, I'm not only multiracial, mystical, and ingenious, but Half INTP / Half INFP, or as some on personality cafe call it, IN*P, meaning I'm 50% F 50% T, because my (birth) father was a multiracial Eurasian F, and my (birth) mother was an American white.

And as it turns out, I was adopted into a family made up entirely of White Caucasian American STJ's.

"Lucky" me....(sighs)

Starting this September, Appy Pie is implementing a new pay system for developers.....

Knowing my luck I'll probably get DICKED OVER by Appy Pie yet again with some B.S. cop-out curveball like "Oh, sorry this doesn't include Flash video like our previous program! So solly!"


Plots R. Us

Story Outlines 

Hot Off The Presses

·        A 40 year old man begins using a social networking site to meet people because he is lonely, from living alone for so long. He takes an online DNA test for, and meets distant relatives through the site. One of his relatives continues contacting him by phone and email after introducing himself. When the man, Jack asks what business his cousin Tony is in, Tony says "Sales" and acquisitions. Tony suggests they meet each other in person. They hold their first meet up at the local McDonalds, and the encounter goes well. They head back to Jack's home to bond as family, and Tony says he needs to give Jack a gift he has. The "gift" turns out to be a wad of 50 $100 bills bound by a small rubber band. Tony tosses the money on the single seat couch and says take it, it's yours for bein' beautiful. Jack isn't sure if he should accept this money, as he doesn't know where Tony got it. Oh, you know, says Tony. Business investments, sales and acquisitions. Tony says he works for a "marketing company", and Nevermind where it came from, it's my gift to you. I do top notch work. The meet up concludes with Tony leaving Jacks house. They hug, and bid each other adieu.

·        A man has an appointment with his therapist. And his therapist kidnaps him at gunpoint in mid therapy session. The therapist wants his patient to help him kill both their wives, as the therapist is a psychopathic misogynist and hates women in general. They get into the car, and when they get to the therapist's neighborhood, and his wife is on the sidewalk, at which point the therapist attempts to run her over with his car, but the patient grabs the gun and takes control of the wheel while the therapist is driving really fast, causing the car to swerve and flip over into a car crash, causing both men to get knocked unconscious. The patient comes to before the therapist does but only by a few minutes, but that's enough time to escape the car, where the therapists wife wants to know what happened, at which point the patient warns the therapist's wife the therapist is planning to murder her and his own wife in a criminal plot, and he's got a gun. The patient takes the therapist's gun, and aims it at the therapist as he comes to. The patient rescues the therapist from the car before it catches fire and explodes. The patient calls 911 on his cell phone, and the police arrive and arrest the therapist, apprehending him and arrest him for attempted murder. The therapists wife falls in love with the patient for saving her life, and they form a relationship, but decide not to take it too seriously. And that's how the patient met the therapists wife: When her husband decided to attempt killing her by running her over with a car.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lee Is Me - And now, Introducing my most fascinating (and autobiographical character) YET! Lee Wonders: Adventurer!

 Lee Wonders: Adventurer
An Introduction

  • Here we meet our main protagonist Lee Wonders, Adventurer and Warrior, as he goes on a Journey like None Other Before It.
  • Lee's skin is of a copper pigment, and he has short straight black hair with a stern face, and wears a hat. He's always wearing sports tee shirts and khaki pants. He has muscular forearms, and a thin demeanor. A stern yet compassionate face. He mostly doesn't smile. Always analyzing and gauging how he's going to escape one situation to arrive at another. He's a young tan skinned thin muscular hybrid of Gordan Freeman and Indiana Jones. He doesn't eat much, but the food he does it is incredibly unhealthy. In his journey, he indulges in a lot of eating and often eats sweets, snack food, and fast food. Though he is a bit on the meek and timid side in a normal setting, out in "The Wild" he becomes a different person. More of a leader and adventurer, more courageous when threatened, and calm under pressure. He's 6 feet tall, and 24 years old.
  • The story starts with a scenic nowhere...Lee Wonders lives in an apartment in Maine, in the United States, alone. He's single, but he views it as a "necessary evil" to keep himself free of the materialism and chauvinism his country is so rooted in. He doesn't own a car because he can't afford one. But overall, at the beginning of our story, our hero, Mr. Wonders lives a life not unlike many lives...Until...Adventure calls out to him and his life is endangered when strangers start attacking and threatening him in public and he's forced to defend himself against Evil Forces that pursue him across the four corners of the earth. They want to steal his soul, for he is the last surviving member of a lineage of Souls Destined for Adventure. This puts him within the reach of danger at all times. There is never a moment of peace and quiet or safety for Lee. But as the story progresses he learns how to deal with this form of Adventure Stress caused by the people in his life. 
  • There are a lot of thunderstorms surrounding his location, so he's indoors a lot. The storms symbolize revelation, and only visit him when the spirits do. This comes to be known as The Gray Winds. 
  • About The Gray Winds...
  • Lee's Background Story or "History": He was born an orphan, but was eventually taken in with a kind normal family who never questioned his origin or viewed him out of the ordinary. They respected him as family members, and sheltered him a lot when he was young, allowing him to be shy and withdrawn. He has an I.Q. of 160, making him technically a scientific genius, but he finds science and technology to be more of an invasive nuisance than any kind of a savior. Lee studied martial arts growing up, and had a taste more for living life than talking about it, partially due to his own selective mutism.
  • Lee enjoys living in his new apartment, until someone dies right outside his front door, and members of the Illuminati that wants to steal his soul, set his apartment ablaze, forcing him out on the street until he is rescued by  the FBI that's there to combat the bad secret organizations, who puts up room and  board for him, and relocates to a house in Europe as part of the Witness Protection Program. 

JAY - DAYS IN THE LIFE OF - "John Lasseter"

Int. Disney Institute - Day

John Lasseter is making a rare public appearance at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. He is sitting behind a table with his assistants. A long line has formed, and everyone is patiently and politely waiting for their turn to get John Lasseter's autograph and talk to him. Joseph is up next.

Hi there. Toy Story 2 kicked ass!

John LAsseter
(looking a little wide eyed and started by the comment, Lasseter quickly regains his zen like calm and cool composure)
Oh, I see. You liked the Toy Story 2 didja?

Yeah! (laughs) I loved it. It's a great film. So what's your opinion on the whole "2-D Animation vs. 3-D Animation debate"?

John Lasseter

Well, you see, each one has it's own specialties. It has a lot to do with the textures and the feel of the whole thing.


Ext. - Jay's House - Day

Open Shot Wide, as we see Jay's house from the exterior, no cars in driveway. It is a quiet weekday afternoon in suburban nowhere. This could be any neighborhood.

Cut to:

Int. - Jay's house - Day

The camera floats around the interior of Jay's house as it closes in on the source of all the activity, Jay in his secondary home office.

There are books and papers and magazines scattered to nearly all corners of Jay's Home Office.
We then establish a camera shot of Jay himself, hard at work on his computer, researching and navigating the labyrinth of the online world. The screen has a peculiar neon glow, as windows and menu bars pop up and scroll across the screen

Jay is checking his email.

Computer Voice
You, Have, Two, Messages.

Cool! Somebody contacted me!

Computer Voice
Message, from, Producer, of Anime, Studio.

Finally! The higher ups are interested in my ideas. I should respond to this

Jay clicks the respond button, and begins typing email to Anime Producer.