Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Web 2.0 Genius Presents - Rejected Web 2.0 User Monetization Ideas - From an insider's perspective

Rejected Web 2.0 User Monetization Ideas

YouTube·        Adsense Banner Ads on General HTML Wall Decoration of user YouTube Channels
·        HTML in Channel decorations (This Feature is Currently Unavailable), so Broadcasters get paid for channel visits

Google·        Adsense revenue going to owners of top Google Search Result URLs (This feature is unavailable)

Google Play Apps·        App being able to switch freely from free to paid (this feature is currently unavailable)

Twitter·        HTML and Adsense enabling on individual Twitter User Tweet Timelines (Currently unavailable)

Message Boards·        Monetization of posts and accounts with ad space (currently unavailable)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Panel 2 Is Done

Hey Hey Hey! Hot off the J.M. Presses! 
Took me around 5-7 hours to research and draw. So an all day affair

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEWS LEAKS NETWORK - New End Time "The Anthology" Second ebook printing features new material

That's Right:

The Bestselling End Times: The Anthology manga-indie comic got a revisions uploaded to its interior pages Amazon Store, 2nd Edition:

The initial poor review it got gave me compulsions to revise the material. So I DID. heh heh. That'll show em'!

Featuring 2 pages of all new never before seen preview material from the upcoming Second Chapter and Story Arc of the End Times Plotline I've  been working on and drafting up. Yes, I know, yes, I'm still working on End Times. That IS Shocking. Pick up a copy online TODAY!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A List: The Most Influential Cartoonist-Animators of All Time Non-Rank, Non-Preferentially Biased List

1.     Windsor McCay
2.     Walt Disney
3.     Osamu Tezuka
4.     Katsuhiro Otomo
5.     Jhonen Vasquez
6.     Hayao Miyazaki
7.     Moebius
8.     Jamie Hewlett
9.     John K
10. Production I.G.
11. Matt Groening
12. Eiichiro Oda
13. Bruce Timm
14. Aaron McGruder
15. Todd McFarlane
16. Thomas Romain
17. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
18. Bryan Lee O'Malley
19. Peter Laird
20. Svetlana Chamakova
21. Akira Toriyama
22. Leiiji Matsumoto
23. Juanjo Guardnido
24. Jeef Smith
25. Akira Toriyama
26. Tim Burton
27. Musashi Kishimoto
28. Avatar The Last Airbender

29. Satoshi Kon

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Transitional Period: New Phase in my life.....

In THIS phase of my life...

The Front Doorbell Never Rings, unless it's the mayor of my city.

The entire city is gossiping about my internet celebrity

And because I don't have the money to move about freely and happily, the sky always looks like this...

You see, I live on the LEFT side of the map (south in the pic), but the place I'll be moving to is on the RIGHT side of the map (North in the pic). I visited the RIGHT side earlier today.

Odd how the two directions couldn't be more divided and hateful towards one another, which is the reason this picture EXISTS to BEGIN WITH!

Ce La Vi, I guess

Are sunnier, happier times ahead, or will the spiritual criminals continue their Reign of Darkness?

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Current Inspiration: The Red Star

So, I was digging through my comics for inspirational material to feed my muse, and I found one book that was particularly interesting, that reminded me of the storytelling style I use with End Times: The Red Star. The compositional structure and storytelling structure is similar not only to my comics, but my illustrations themselves. Mine don't look as pretty as The Red Star, but the approach and flow of the competition is similar, where images jump off the page, and they're so big and colossal they can barely be contained by more than 1 to 2 or 4 panels a page. But I love the "Give yourself some personal space and don't conform to that crappy "tiny panel structure" that's all the rage in comics and manga these days. I HATE Small art, and I HATE small comics. I also really, REALLY HATE most overtly small or miniature panels. They look so crappy, like the artist never bothered to outgrow the thumbnail and storyboard stage. Needless to say I'll be buying more copies and books of this The Red Star series, in hopes to get a better sense of how it tells and narrates its stories, in an "Adult Storybook 'Only One Image or a small bit Per Page' Style".