Sunday, March 29, 2015

Newest List: Pop Punk, Required Listening From Your Elders

List: Pop Punk-Folk Metal Band Must-Listen

·         Weezer
·         The Lemonheads
·         The Rentals
·         Liam Lynch
·         Green Day
·         Marilyn Manson
·         The Smashing Pumpkins
·         Simon and Garfunkel
·         Rancid
·         Sublime
·         Testament
·         Flobots
·         Reel Big Fish
·         The Pie Tasters
·         Orange County Supertones
·         White Stripes
·         Presidents of the USA
·         Eels
·         Paul McCartney
·         Dethklok
·         Nine Inch NAils
·         Metallica
·         Bloodhound Gang
·         Pantera
·         America
·         The Who

·         Rage Against the Machine

Diaper Wearing Shit Smelling BRATS, and Wannabe Rivals

Also, I don't have any enemies or rivals in 2-12 children's cable TV animation in America just like I don't have any enemies or rivals in the sitcom industry. It's not my industry. No matter what they do or say, they're moving in the wrong direction and pursuing something greedy and idiotic: Namely making animation that only caters to children. This includes Manboy shows like family guy that cater to Adult Children, young middle school teens, and not real adults. 


Saturday, March 28, 2015


GOLLUM to J.M. - You don't deserve all that power. I DESERVE All that power!

GOLLUM: Give your life's work to me. HAND IT TO ME!!! SO THAT I MAY BREAK and DESTROY IT.!! My precious. My precious! Preys to his heathen god.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pssssttt.Hey KID. Wanna animate and produce an American anime? Forget dat Flash, C'meyah

Wanna make authentic anime. Then simply deploy the same software Japanese studios have been using to make Japanese anime for years! Retas Pro

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Okay class, now lets all turn to a page from JOE'S DICTIONARY: Today's word for English and Grammar Class: Team Rocket Syndrome

Team Rocket Syndrome

noun, Psychology, Economics,  Television, Pop Culture
1. Moral role reversal, Good  becomes evil, evil becomes good. Cool turns into geeky, geeky is turned into good. Masculine becomes feminine. Righteousness is perverted and mocked in favor of shiftiness. Jesus becomes Hitler. Hitler becomes Jesus. Good is evil, evil is good. The fool  gets promoted to "hero", and the former heroes  get demoted and likened by way of PR, to villains and deviants.

2. Post 9-11 Era of TV, Where the moral context of TV shows encourages to treat the noble hero archetypes as villains in place of the deviants being villainized as they deserved to, pre-2002. Most prevalent in the American traditional media and Hollywood industry. Most notably In the United States West Coast at companies such as Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, and NBC Universal.

3. TV airwaves circa 2002-2012

I'm J.M. Matthews. "Confusing the Market" is my Middle Name

As it turns out, the initially confusion of the literary market by people who thought I was some kind of bible thumping zealot just because my book had the phrase "End Times" on the cover (instead of, you know opening my books and reading the content to realize it's a goth comic), was where the initial controversy came from. Zealots and fundies were drawn to my title, but that's about ALL they were drawn to.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Name Politicking", and other Pre-Production Era Horror Circus Acts

I never really made a big deal out of naming things or giving the things I did titles. To me it comes easy. But some people really split hairs over that kind of thing, because the name helps introduce or  break the ice of the brand. 

For instance, if you're working on a super-project under a code name, but you begin publishing bits and pieces of it online, and it catches on, you're going to want to  consider publishing AS THAT code name, seeing as if people are already responding to the code name, there might be no need to alter or change it after all. Some execs are so terrified of "confusing the market with more than one of the same name", the "name politicking" of the whole situation gets to the point of a actually coming across as attention whoring, ludicrous, and ridiculously annoying.

"SEE!? SEEE!!?? I have the same NAME/PROJECT TITLE (SIMILAR TO) as him, therefore we're ASS-OCIATES!"

Me: Well, you're an ASS-,....something. But that doesn't mean "you EARNED being associated with me"!