Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's My Webcomics Business and Publishing-Production Strategy, You Ask? Hmmm

Fraid I've never actually had one until recently. I didn't start thinking more strategically with my comics and webcomics publishing online and in print until long after I had been actively drawing artwork and comics. I essentially just charged into the webcomics field pretty mindlessly, fearless. You know, like a Bull. I dealt with life as a webcomics cartoonist one hour, one day at a time, dealing with my career as it came to me, then I read that Scott Kurtz book one day in the last few years, and I kind of reacted to it in shock. "Holy Shit," I thought to myself. "People actually bother to dream up STRATEGIES for this line of work?"

Which to me isn't all that  surprisng, considering my face was buried in word processor software typing out my then-private Journals I was putting the bulk of my work into the entire time from 2004 -  the last year or two. Comics were a side dish to the main course of my passion. My Journals, which would later become a published book series that would eventually be published online alongside my Super Duper Amazing Spectacular Mono Blockbuster Franchise. But some weird fucked up Catholic Guilt Conscience in me keep muttering sweet nothings and promises in my ear, saying things like "Yes you have mastered Journal writing honey. That's very nice. But no one wants to PAY people to see that until after your dead. You need to sell COMICS baby." Damned be that foul muse mistress temptress of deception. I actually listened to my self-pr and marketing muse for a while. I was clearly better at writing private journals than I was at being a manga-ka or cartoonist in many ways. It felt more natural. I did it a lot more in my spare time. And it wasn't an aphrodisiac for horny critic zombies. Pretty big pluses at the time. But dammit, what did I know..I had FINISHED GRAPHIC NOVELS AND COMICS to DRAW AND PROMOTE. That's what all the anime kids really want to READ and BUY? Isn't it? You can publish those silly journals of yours when you're DEAD.

Okay. If you say so. You know what's best, right Momma Muse?

Of course I do! Attah Boy!

Well Okay then.

End Ch. 1

Sorry. I nodded off. What I miss? So I hear it's one setback after another for him...Say....

Does that cloud look like it's getting REALLY DARK to you??


Probably not going to write a lot of tweets or blog entries or draw a lot. Keeping a journal and reviewing some of my book publications. Too exhausted from all the delocating.....

Soon as I get a minute to breath and shit like that in the next month, I think I'll TRY resume work on my various projects...

Oh wait, you must have a lot of questions, don't you? well ASK AWAY! Don't be shy. I don't bite. Well, most of the time....

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Well, I lost my virginity finally. Last month, August 2015. At the tender age of 31 a few months shy of 32. It FINALLY happened. I did in fact have sex for the first time. Who's the lucky lady, you people want to know? None of you guys's business.

But yeah. Sex is pretty incredible. I guess I lucked out finally.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Merton Connection

The Pope and Media discussed a Thomas Merton a LOT today! That was quite cool to see him get that kind of recognition seemingly out of the Blue.

Made me happy to see all that.

Some of you may be wondering why I never brought that whole fame aspect up.


We'll devote plenty of discussion to that in the near and distant future at Thunder-Lightning.

But rest assured. If good things have happened in the past, then it is inevitable Even More Good Things Shall Happen In The Future.

Trust Me.

[J.M., Out]

Monday, September 21, 2015

Some of You May Be Asking...About Thomas Merton

"Joe! Joseph! Joey! James! What is it like being related to Thomas Merton after it's been kept a Family and National Secret all this time??"

It's great. It feels amazing. It feels great. I feel blessed to be related to someone so famous, important, influential, and holy.

I'm filled with a newly found sense of responsibility, confidence, contentment, relief, and family and religious pride. There was definitely a kind of "I was right all along" feeling going on there...