Pirates of Silicon Valley

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who invented Streaming Video!? ME, THAT'S WHO!!!

I invented streaming video in 2005, when I made the first upload of a copyrighted streaming video to YouTube, which technically wasn't legal, as I didn't own it. I uploaded it anyway I used footage I downloaded on my computer from Toonami Digital Arsenal and converted from Quicktime to Windows Media Video (WMV). Dozens of Billions of views later, here we are. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Comics and Media Compromise. Who has the real artistic credibility? Who's the real non-sellout?

Ultimately, selling out and compromise has come to mean "screen adaptation". Even the most edgy, dark, cartoonists come to be seduced by the seductive, glamorous, high-powered, wealthy light of TV and film and sometimes internet.

Ultimately, the cartoonists with the most underground and artistic credibility these days are those who refuse to adapt their work to the production contract of an L.A. studio for TV or film. What Bill Watterson did and what Dave Sim did are ultimately harder to do and preserve (the ideology of non-financial integrity) than what artists like Todd McFarlane or Jhonen Vasquez or Peter Laird and Frank Miller did. Which is ultimately adaptation to the screen. It's a power thing. Adapting your work gives you more social and or economic power than keeping your integrity. The  reason adaptation is hard to resist is because it is a guaranteed ticket for fame and fortune. It's a drug that's hard to say no to because it makes it a guaranteed ticket to survival for the creator

Thursday, May 19, 2016

J.M. Matthews: Celebrating 1 Million Creative Content Impressions on Social Media in 2016

Well, I did an analytics count on a calculator, and recently realized that I received my first million creative content impressions on social media analytics this year or last. I got 600k video views on YouTube in Total in the last year and 400k views for my tweets archive. Which amounts to well over 1 million views, or "impressions". I should celebrate And this isn't even counting my books and comics, or blog writing.

Monday, May 9, 2016

"Get a job!" and other things people who are full of shit say

Due to the fact that we have expanding technological markets, new politicians, economies, and types of warfare emerging, U.S. Capitalism is not a stable market currently, hence whites and minorities all having difficulty finding a job.

"Oh, you're poor. Get off your butt and find a job." Riiiight. Cuz it's just that easy, isn't it? Cuz that's why dudes are selling their left testicle for money, right? Cuz it's just that easy to attain money as a liberal in America now.

Such delusional right wing forms of social thought are not only delusionally unrealistic toward the social and economic state of the current U.E. job market, but also dangerous for the U.S. Economy

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Crystal Meth in the United States, First and Second Generations (90s and 2000s) or Good vs. Evil

Crystal Meth was an influential drug. It fueled much of the energy in the U.S. music and Hollywood industries. It was also found in A.D.D. medications prescribed to young elementary and middle school children by parents and teachers, when such a drug was considered more socially acceptable and not as linked to Neo-Nazism as it became in the 2002s with Florida Neo-Nazis and Brian Johnston. First wave Crystal Meth: Good. Second Wave Crystal Meth: Evil. The first generation was euphoric, lighthearted, liberal, and happy. The second generation was conservative, slow, and violently sociopathic. Just terrifying. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Frank Miller Looks Like a Corpse Lately: Art and Mental Health

I'm still relatively young, well younger than alot of other pros in comics, but I'm well past my childhood or adolescence. I'm a young adult. Whether I like it or not I'm starting to realize I need to acknowledge that I'm getting older. Frank Miller is a good example. There's cancer rumors. Have you SEEN pictures of him lately. The guy looks like a LIVING CORPSE. I don't know how old he is exactly, I never even thought about things like that...till I saw what his face looks like recently. There are cancer rumors. It's sad.

I don't know if I'm past my prime, but I'm no spring chicken, plus I've been through a lot of medical trauma and issues in my private life. There's a lot of factors and setbacks in my life and health I don't bring up here. Like the fact that I have gynecomastia and mid level obesity from all that damn medication pills doctors and parents want to force on me.

That was when I realized, it's not just that I "don't have my shit together", I "don't have creativity", "I'm a hack" or "don't have what it takes.". It's all the damn trauma and neurobiological-trauma I've endured at the hands of cruel and abusive people. Medical frauds and whatnot.