Saturday, January 31, 2015

Upon watching some old anime episodes,....

I'm starting to remember why I liked Funimation's older and moderately newer shows so much...They didn't used to be so Blatantly feminine. Even though they've always had  girl characters, at the beginning their anime was incredibly masculine. Granted they only published a handful of titles, but in my mind Funimation started off The Shit!!! (not "shitty", per say, quite the opposite. The Shit! That means they kicked ass!)

So here's the greatest Funimation series of all time: (amended because I forgot some stuff)

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist
  5. Trinity Blood
  6. Claymore
  7. Space Dandy
  8. Devil May Cry
  9. Nabari No Oh
  10. Black Blood Brothers
  11. Kaze No Stigma
  12. Darker Than Black
  13. Gunslinger Girl
  14. Aquarion
Also, there's the issue of the RE-Issues. Don't think I forgot those:

Greatest Funimation Re-Issues:

  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise
  • Neon Genesis: Evangelion -.-- (You can [not] do such and such)
  • One Piece (the WHOLE DAMN THING. That definitely earns some kudos)
  • Last Exile
  • Trigun
  • FLCL

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tell us a STORY, UNKLE JOE!!. Jay - Okay! I think I'll tell you a real life GHOST STORY!

1800 Apparition Dr. - St. Remy Hospital

Eric's parens, Eric Senior, and Mrs. Eric Senior, are driving him in a car.

The car reaches a parking lot and pauses for a moment.

The parents and teenager step out of the car, and walk towards the three story building in a quiet part of Orlando, Florida. The building is desecrated. There is something foreboding and incredibly creep about Eric's parents and the building. It wreaks of old and haunted. Eric isn't sure of what's inside the building, doesn't ever WANT to know, but unfortunately his parents haven't give him a choice. They're forcing him to stay here. Eric has been kept in the dark about this whole situation.

Eric Senior
And Saint Remy 1800. Hope you like it, Eric. (chuckles arrogantly), not like you have a choice.


Eric Senior
Oh, no reason. Let's go get you signed up. You'll LIKE it here, Eric. We just know it. You're going to live here for a while. They'll take GOOD care of you. You Won't even get HURT or anything. We were assured you'd be perfectly safe. Doctors never lie.

Eric's parents escort him up to the front door, where they are "greeted" by a burly guard and the head administrator of St. Remy, Mrs. Von Housen, dressed in blue business clothes and a skirt. She is fat and ugly, ancient, around 67 years old, and she has a frighteningly complacent medicated smile on her face.
Von Housen
(chuckles in a deceptively good natured tone)
So THIS is our little TROUBLE maker, huh. We hear you're a real FUN LOVING FREE SPIRIT. Well, we here at St. Remy 1800 will fix that right up.


Von Housen
Yes, we HATE free spiritedness here at St. Remy hospital. We feel its counterproductive to the progress, edification, and evolution of society. There is no PLACE for it in polite society. But don't worry. We can probably rid you of THOSE NASTY kinds of things in just a few weeks. And if that doesn't work, we'll just have to increase the regiment to a few months, and if THAT doesn't WORK, maybe well keep you here for the rest of your LIFE, with no chance of parole! We'll just have to see. After all, I'm sure you've got the time. What kind of life could a kid like YOU have.

Eric is a bit shocked at this kind of apparently fascist brand of malpractice and backwards American medical thinking.

Von Housen
Well, Eric. Let's get you signed in and taken off your poor parents hands. They must have tried EVERYTHING with you to get you well, but as your rercords and files we have on you clearly show, you're very, VERY sick.

But my parents just yell at and hit me, and force me into narcotherapy.

Eric Senior
Such STORIES this one tells! We can't wait to get RID OF HIM! er., I mean "get him better"

Von Housen
Right, this way through the front entrance to our offices, please.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I think it's okay to be a LITTLE racist (not a lot), BUT...

Just know, I wouldn't recommend using the word "Jap" in America.

The younger generations in America don't know about the genocide America committed against the Japanese in its VERY OWN country during World War II

Over 175,000 Japanese were murdered. Slaughter just like how the Germans killed people of Jewish heritage.

An American using the word "Jap" is like a German today using the work "Kike".

Not recommended. Most people over the age of 30 are aware of this.

Generations X and Y and Millenials however aren't as aware...


Friday, January 23, 2015

New Twitter Handle: FUCKTV. Why that name expresses EXACTLY how I feel nowadays, and why you should never EVER say yes to the sleazy coked up suit wearing man...EVER.

Traditional TV died and rotted, and collapsed in on itself with the whole Viacom-SVU: Predator-Killer Internet Spy Racket Disrespect-The-King thing. Right around the time streaming video online and on HDMI arrived to replace it now and forever. I see TV for the non-quality garbage it is now. If you have hopes of doing a nice good old fashioned deep and smart, profound and detailed SF or fantasy TV show, forget about it! That's not what TV does anymore. That's what anime  companies and DVD And the internet does. Not broadcasters, with rare exceptions like El-Ray Network, which really is doing its best in taking after ActionToon unlike all the others. Trying to do a good show in a bad TV Era is like trying to make it in Hollywood as a computer programmer. You're in the wrong industry, bucko! It's unfortunate, but now that I can see it for the petty industry of freaks, nerds, wimps, and weirdos that it is, I can focus my attention where it should be, and needs to be: On Internet, Silicon Valley, film, indie animation, anime, books, and comics! The Easy stuff. And I can focus on getting in shape and working out in an appropriate place right around my house. I've lost all my desire to have my own TV show, especially considering it was an obvious Achilles Heel for me on the part of competitors. Well, that and spy networks online. TV has become quite the Monstrosity of Fear, Hatred, Mean People, Envy, Malice, Slander, and Paranoia recently, especially comedy and the news. FuckTV. 

I'm DONE with TV. Movies are still pretty good though, as is European and Asian TV and the internet. It's American TV and people yielding to its perceived clout that's the REAL problem.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Joe's Neigborhood Case Files (READ ON ALREADY!)

Well, after a couple days of chaos, I reported my entire NEIGHBORHOOD To the police, for hacking, stalking, hate speech, unauthorized intrusion on my PC, harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, and marijuana possession and dealing. One of the happiest days of my life when the 8 local police officers showed up in my house to take notes on my case and helped me file a report. I filed a report with the police against my neighbors, for bullying and harassment, and a whole host of other violations and crimes. Essentially for defining and being the definition of drug-using evil. This neighborhood might  be going to hell, but fortunately I'm helping to prevent that part way. I also told them about me reporting YouTube's content system to the FBI, My neighbor installing a webcam in my house with his SSID, Brian Johnston's run in and sordid and aggressively violent history with myself, and everything that goes on in my neighborhood. I also know what the disgruntled neighborhood "ghost" neighbor looks like now. I even handed the police a picture of him, so they'll know who to look for. Go me! I also told them about how Casselberry's moral standing has slowly collapsed into shit over time, and how the bad evil neighbors that don't want to be discovered or seen have the nickname in the media are "ghosts", how Death Note and Naoki Urasawa's Monster are based on me and him, how Brian Johnston tried to implicate me as a false label ("pedophile") because I look at teenager websites, and how Brian Johnston's original debut as a criminal and his whereabouts when he first attacked me actually started in a night school film class in Orlando Florida that he and I both attended in a chance encounter at the same time, and how Brian moonlighted as a police officer and would report people to the FBI with their own computer data he stole with trojan horses in an attempt to practice hacking, spying, mole-role playing, police officer, and social engineering including doing it on this very computer (Dad's  computer), and frame them with false evidence just to attack them with the weapon of public opinion, and how I created streaming video and wrote over 6,000 pages of books. And how when the psychiatric hospital admitted me to protect me from Brian, they used me to bait him and get him to issue an unknowing identifying confession so they could verify I was indeed his victim and he was trying to kill me.

My confession to the police of all these problems I've had made me feel like I was getting a lot of private pain and suffering being let go, stuff I had been holding in that was all lingering. I told them Brian started this all. All the weird things happening around here, he likely incited it all. What with One Piece's and Casselberry's ORIGINAL Hyena and ghost, Bellamy Caligula, who I forgot to mention to the police. The house owned by a 12 year old and it's previous owner who started the chain reaction. PICK IT UP!