Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Appy In My Pocket

My business is mobile, both figuratively, and literally. My business comes with me. My business is a "pocket business". 95% of my mobile business goes where I go. I can take my entire business structure in my pocket with me, purely because most of it runs on my smartphone, and not my PC or websites. My entire business and my entire business model runs in my pocket. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Future Tech Predictions...

I'm keeping my eye on a few developments in the tech world.

DLNA and HDMI integrated together look promising.

And Responsive web design looks promising as well.

Do I even need to talk about cell phones?

Friday, July 10, 2015

DirecTV, and how my new setup made me fall in love with TV again [Too long of a post for twitter!] Best Title Ever

I recently  got an upgrade to my DVR DirecTV Cable box, and I must say, this is NOTHING like the horrible mess of a cable landscape I had to live through a few years back, when TV and Digital Streaming online felt more distant from eachother both emotionally and technologically than ever before. It was looking hopeless for negotiations between Cable and the Web 2.0 because of much justified piracy. Due to the piracy controversy, both sides were at eachother's throats. It was forcing tons of people to "take sides".  Bad idea. Why divide the people when you can unite them.

But back on topic.

In 2008 or so, Streaming video was such a trailblazer, TV looked to be headed to a surefire shallow grave. It was a real hazardous warzone for the  average internet or TV patron to walk through.

Enter DirecTV in 2012-2015, first with an overhaul of the Cartoon Network video site, then more and more. Then suddenly, one day i wake up and find DirecTV is one of the four biggest media companies in the world, up there with Google and Disney/Fox / Time Warner / CBS apparently. Just really really massive. This upstart digital DVR company is now worth BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. And on top of that they're the number one leader in the digitization of TV, making all of our favorite shows available on not just our TV DVRs now, but also our PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It REALLY started with companies like CN or Cartoon Network. They were a leader in diplomatic relations between the internet and conventional media, rivaled and surpassed only by Apple, Lucas Arts, Pixar, and Google

But now DirecTV is REALLY unleashing their secret weapon!

Have any of you been to directv.com lately? There's this app called the DirecTV Video Player that's exclusive to DirecTV subscribers. There's an entire section on their website dedicated to streaming media of On-Demand DVR compatible TV Content and movies, and and simulcasts of what is essentially every channel on your TV if you HAVE DIRECT! It's friggin AMAZING! In a Carl ATHF, voice, it's Friggin Awesome!

Call me a fan of  DirecTV now. Their leading the way with the way TV should  be done. Not hiding from the internet or trying to control it at all. They even had a YouTube app available in the TV apps section of the DirecTV DVR box software and user interface. But they quickly retracted it and issued some kind of word of mouth corporate memo saying "There was a glitch/rift between the latest site upgrade of YouTube's website and  the DirecTV DVR Technology, so we're just gonna give up on it and move on, instead of hiring an engineer and  beta tester or two." This type of horribly flawed strategic reasoning from a billion dollar multimedia tech company. Which is odd to think something that could generate such high extra revenues for them from diverse content on TV, to say nothing of leaving an outlet for YouTube to exist on TV in a more official sense, and they'd simply abandon it, orphan the app, if you will.

Which makes me think they need more beta testers like people like ME, if they're going to unlist YouTube from your TV just because the software was incompatible. Why just give up on a billion dollar move like that, FINALLY GETTING YOUTUBE ON TV! Because of a GLITCH DIRECTV IS GIVING UP ON ADDING YOUTUBE TO THEIR DVR software.....


Thursday, July 9, 2015

One For The Tabloids / Record Books...My budget went $40k too high...

I spent way, WAY too much on my marketing budget. Went over budget on marketing. $52k I didn't really know I was spending as it didn't even feel like "real money". I SPENT THAT MUCH. Doesn't mean I actually HAD THAT MUCH...

Apparently, I spent $52k on marketing, but was only charged $11k But apparently it IS real money, as I owe tons of money now...$11k

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Web 2.0 Genius Presents - Rejected Web 2.0 User Monetization Ideas - From an insider's perspective

Rejected Web 2.0 User Monetization Ideas

YouTube·        Adsense Banner Ads on General HTML Wall Decoration of user YouTube Channels
·        HTML in Channel decorations (This Feature is Currently Unavailable), so Broadcasters get paid for channel visits

Google·        Adsense revenue going to owners of top Google Search Result URLs (This feature is unavailable)

Google Play Apps·        App being able to switch freely from free to paid (this feature is currently unavailable)

Twitter·        HTML and Adsense enabling on individual Twitter User Tweet Timelines (Currently unavailable)

Message Boards·        Monetization of posts and accounts with ad space (currently unavailable)