Sunday, March 17, 2013

Comics Page Artist Bookmark, Page 150

I've done a book's worth of comics pages by now. I have no idea how many panels I've drawn. A lot.

Out of those 150 comic book pages that range from shitty to clean, 20 are actually good.

1 out of every comic book pages I pencil in is actually decipherable.

And now. Onto the NEXT 150! Looking forward to it.

Took me a while to get the hang of drawing sequential art.

One of the secrets I've learned is you can often tell how much time went into a panel by its textural density.

Either way, I feel like progress IS being made on this front, the comic book front.

My compositions started off weak enough, but gradually, over time, with the more work I put into it...

They EVOLVED. My style and abilities evolved. Certain pages I'm very proud of. Others, not so much.

DeviantART, though it does serve its purpose, is hated for a reason. MANY reasons, actually.

One of those reasons I sort of hate deviantART is because there's no real manga and comics archive. Just doujin. Where is the DeviantART of amateur comic book pages? I'd be on that sucker day and night.

But I've come to realize comic book page-type DA-equivalent sites are in short supply.

This is because there is a difference between sketchbook and sequential art.

Sequential art is HARDER TO DRAW! If it wasn't it would flow just as much as sketchbook art.

For a while now, let's say for the last 1 to 2 months or so, I've completely forgotten about my WCN Account (webcomics nation). 

So there is WCN

But being one of the best webcomics artists around, I did LEARN a thing or two from my early days in webcomics (The 2007 and 2008 era). 

...Just as all real anime is built to not be "like anime and manga", but "as anime and manga", the best webcomics art not just to be drawn "like regular print comics" but instead "as regular print comics". Just because you don't get as many rewards as the big names doesn't mean you shouldn't try and get back to work! The greatest webcomics artwork can rival most regular printed comic book and manga artwork. If you're going to reach my level or better yet, go beyond it, you have to take what you do seriously. Take your artwork, training, and practice serious. It's important. So it should be treated as such. 

When I logged off of WCN, I was returning to my traditional art training roots, both literally and figuratively. Now after taking some time off, I feel like I can better compete with my own pioneering rate I set for myself, initially and to begin with.

And yes, End Times is still very much alive. It'll be back in time more than likely, one way or another if my current quality work rate is any indicator. I just happen to believe if you have to choose between putting out shit and putting out nothing tangible, you should go with the latter and bide your time until you actually have something decent and new. I've kept a pretty low profile lately. But I doubt that'll last. 

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